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We are Experienced Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness consultants bringing powerful and proven methods and technology to the table for clients, small and large. We come from startups, medium sized firms, GE, Mercer, The Big 5 & others and understand the challenges and opportunities business owners and leaders face every day. We have both local and global cross-cultural project experience in the US, Europe, China, the Middle East and Latin America. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of organizations and their leaders for over 30 years.

We focus on the key cultural, operational and communication aspects of the firm that directly impact the bottom line, as well as the personal and team dynamics that enable breakthrough growth and smooth transitions.

Value Staging facilitates rapid execution of Innovation and increased revenue through operational excellence. We assist small and medium sized businesses and business units of large companies in the following areas:

Current State Identification and Assessment

  • Cultural effectiveness
  • Capacity to deliver on the Brand promise
  • Operational efficiency
  • Internal and external communications
  • Market evaluation and demand analysis
  • Customer touch, satisfaction and delivery
  • Risk analysis, assessment and mitigation
  • Capacity for creativity and change

Deployment of Creativity and Innovation

  • Defining the purpose, the Mission-to-be-Done
  • Developing innovative ideas to accelerate revenue and reduce costs
  • Structured processes for organizational breakthrough and go-to-market innovation

Execution for Improved State

  • Assessing requirements for, and ability to execute
  • Risk mitigation while executing
  • Detailed execution planning
  • Execution tracking and metrics
  • Achieving improved business and market results and metrics

Our team has amassed best in class tools and techniques over decades of innovation program leadership. We use these tools to get from concept to launch effectively (well defined and actionable, with ownership and commitment) and efficiently (ROI in weeks or months rather than years). We have structured programs specifically for small and medium sized business that are typically constrained by limited human, financial and operational resources.

Value Staging is a facilitator of process improvement, product innovation, change acceleration and leadership effectiveness. Our differentiation is that we provide a full complement of services.

The Value Staging Mission

Our Mission is Twofold

  • To offer small and medium companies access to this powerful methodology for the first time. Our goal is to help our clients structure for improved effectiveness and optimal financials and to fully deliver on the Brand promise.
  • To foster, develop and deploy Innovation and build our clients' capacity for creative solutions. To increase levels of satisfaction internally and throughout the value chain.

Our client projects have included readiness for next stage funding, company sale, M&A, due diligence and acquisition integration, new business ventures, company expansion, changing market conditions, and turnaround. We also focus on talent management, leadership and organizational development, succession planning, cultural alignment and process efficiency for exit strategies and breakthroughs in revenue and market share.

Rapid-Improvement WorkingSessions© with Leadership & Team Coaching are the core of our work. The Sessions include streamlined elements of Change Acceleration Processes, LEAN and Six Sigma, scaled and priced for the small to medium company.


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