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Value Staging facilitates development and rapid execution of Innovation and increased revenue through operational excellence, personal energy and cultural alignment.

We focus on and integrate the critical elements of effective organizational change

Take our clients from their current state to a desired strategy and future state

Facilitate development of innovative ideas and turn them into action plans

Optimize roles, process, structure and communication

Actualize the Brand across the value chain

...And do it rapidly

The Value Staging Core Model

The VS Core Model is a proven and powerful methodology that covers all the areas, roles, risks and issues and develops the steps necessary to identify, develop and effect lasting change. We gain alignment of leadership and key players and their commitment to follow through. The model itself is most often rolled out in a workshop setting with key leaders, staff and value chain members participating and making the decisions, when possible, right then and there.

The real value of what we do is not, however in the model itself but in the facilitation skills, business expertise and decades of experience the Team brings to the table. We guide our clients through each phase and step and ensure the completeness of the output - executable action plans and measurable results.


For Companies & Business Owners
We work closely and confidentially with our clients to realize the full value of their strategy, brand, people, acquisitions, next steps and the critical changes they and their leaders go through as they grow. We facilitate projects of all sizes and are experienced in Accelerated Change Processes, Six Sigma, M&A and due diligence, cultural alignment, executive coaching, and sales effectiveness.


For Private Equity Firms, Investment Portfolios and M&A
We perform confidential operational, leadership and cultural due diligence to help you make the best-informed acquisition and divestiture decisions possible. We assess the overall operational risk and quality of your portfolio and the individual companies in it, and work to increase the value of each. We work with special-client portfolios to get them turned around quickly and effectively.

We facilitate expert acquisition integration and smooth divestitures. We literally wrote the GE Acquisition Integration Leadership curriculum.


For Corporate Boards

We work with Boards and Board members to identify and mitigate operational and market risks. We structure and support Board roles and responsibilities in oversight of management and leadership effectiveness.


The Value Staging Advantage

Integrating Personal Power, Innovation and Expert Implementation

The underlying basis of our approach is the integration of the elements necessary to fully realize our client's potential... For excellence in customer service, efficient and effective processes and structure and to generate the financial results they want... And to grow and maintain professional satisfaction within the organization and with their customers and value chain.

We make change exciting, fulfilling, and we make it last.

Let Us Help. Call us.

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